About Us


Our mission is a quest to improve human intelligence. We are focused on designing educational apps and materials that stimulate and support the development and improvement of intellectual abilities for improved learning and general functioning.


We see IntelleQuest Education Company as a leader in providing a subscription service to individual children and adults and to organizations, like schools and businesses, for the purpose of correcting and improving intellectual functioning worldwide. This service would be provided primarily online through targeted app groupings or suites that cognitively advance areas of learning like arithmetic or reading.


We know that intelligence can be increased which includes remediation which includes remediation for less develooped areas along with improvement or enhancement in others. Improving intellectual abilities includes comprehension, memory, decision making, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity among others. We believe everyone ought to be given the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Improving intellectual abilities is an important key part to that.


Project Producer

Edgar Ball has an M.A. in Early Childhood Special Education from The University of Texas at Austin. He received his Montessori training in 1981. With over 30 years experience in education he has worked in Head Start programs, served as preschool consultant for rural Minnesota school districts, supervised a Montessori infant nursery program in Los Angeles and trained teachers for early childhood education and special education programs in Texas and California.

He was a university instructor for more than seven years at National University in the Southern California area teaching graduate education courses in behavior management, neurological development, heath education and early childhood education.

He has served as an administrator in private and charter Montessori schools in Arizona. He currently is a partner in IntelleQuest Education Company, an education and internet services business that designs and hosts web sites and develops and markets Structure of Intellect based educational materials and conducts workshops for teachers and parents.

Education Producer

Jeffrey Steed, M.Ed. Jeff’s education degree is in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in special education. Between 1989 and mid-1998, he opened and ran Excel Learning Center where he and his staff tested and provided educational therapy to over 200 hundred students using his own approach based on the Structure of Intellect model of multiple intelligence to develop learning abilities in academically challenged students. He has extensive experience teaching in the special education classroom working with a broad range of student needs and ages.

Following this work, Jeff turned to applying these methods of learning toward technology that would eventually provide training online to students struggling with learning. This current work and research is brought together in IntelleQuest Education Company of which Jeff is a co-founder and partner. The Learning Lab is Excel re-opened to work with students on a one-to-one basis. The Voy Valley game  subscription project includes app activities within it gained from our experience working with children.  

Project Programmer

George G. Williams

Programming & Scripting Languages

  • C++
  • C#
  • Salesforce (Apex, VF, Lightning, Triggers)
  • Java
  • HTML
  • Obj-C
  • SQL
  • VB Net
  • JavaScript (frontend/backend)
  • AngulrJS
  • WinAPI
  • CGI
  • Ajax
  • Ruby
  • Java Swing
  • LUA
  • React
  • ASP Net

Database Solutions

  • DB2
  • IMS
  • MySQL 4/5
  • MSSQL 2005-2012
  • MS Acc 2010 SQLite3

Salesforce Trailhead Profile: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/me/george-williams11 GitHub Profile: http://www.github.com/geowil
Portfolio can be found @ http://portfolio.lmpgames.com


Technical Support Contractor:  Head 2 Toe Therapy

  • Helped existing IT staff to examine a process for updating data from a cvs file into their database to ensure that inferences drawn from known information were correct and then helped them to execute an update for a 4-month backlog of data.
  • Tasked with separating out a portal website into two different websites for each of the related therapist practices that were handled together in the original portal. Also tasked with helping to identify and correct any problems with the website due to many server errors encountered and future enhancements or optimization around removing features not used by the therapists in their respective practices.
  • Helping to clean up database as records are identified that have been mistakenly deleted by merging new profiles with the orphaned records related to the ones that have been deleted.
Technical Lead Contractor:  Logopedia Speech Therapy Services
  • Design websites for Logopedia and related services
  • Participate in creating branding media for the client
  • Creating related business materials for exposure and use at conference functions
  • Creating applications for iOS/Android devices to facilitate and aide in tracking and completion of physical therapy goals.

Salesforce Developer:  Syntel, Inc.

  • Worked on, maintained, and developed a Salesforce Org of extreme complexity, built out new features to existing applications, optimized existing code, enhancement of unit test classes, integration with other external software such as DataStage and Salesforce for Outlook. Worked within a highly agile-oriented environment in which on-the-spot changes requiring directional pivoting were common, and worked on developing ETL logic.
  • Helped solve critical business and development issues and provided insights into practical solutions while taking into consideration special circumstances revolving around the client.
  • Created thorough documentation on processes of the salesforce org which did not exist either on the client’s side for business’ side which helped provide critical understanding of the workflow of the Salesforce org and would be useful in helping on-board new engineers, analysts, and sales team members.
  • Worked on potential new IP Salesforce customization for the company; a gamification of salesforce using custom settings, custom objects, and lightning to gamify sales cloud components with an implementation to spend awarded points for various items from company/salesforce merchandise all the way up to high level manager or executive lunch meetings.

Mainframe Programmer/Analyst:  Syntel, Inc.

  • Worked on creating, maintaining, and updating COBOL, DB2, and IMS programs. Worked with team to provide changes to software that benefitted the customer.

Technical Support Specialist:  Murphy Elementary School District #21

  • Responsible for completion of work orders, submitted by staff, covering the following areas:
    • Computer Hardware Repair/Replacement • Computer Troubleshooting
    • Software Troubleshooting
    • Audio/Visual setup and troubleshooting
    • Network troubleshooting
  • Deployed computers to student classroom labs as well as fully equipped computer labs.
  • Processing of old and unused computers
  • Running Ethernet cable to computers OS and software installation on Windows and OSX.

Home Networking Support Level 1 Technician:  Volt Information Technologies, LLC

  • Took customer calls for networking support with 2Wire and AT&T hardware and software installation and setup as well as diagnosing network connection, software, and hardware issues.


Salesforce Trailhead/Certifications

  • 57 badges completed
  • Over 75,000 points earned
  • Apex Specialist Super Badge
  • Working towards Platform Developer I/Admin I Certifications


  • AngularJS/Angular
  • ReactJS
  • Ruby

Software Engineering; Bachelor of Science

  • University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona
  • 3.68 GPA

Programming; Associate of Arts

  • University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona
  • 3.65 GPA


  • C++ for Game Developers Module I & II
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Won Student Game Challenge #8 w/ Space Crusade, 2007